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Is it possible to connect a PDA to a SR940 system?

A PDA can be connected to SR940 with hardware version 9900 and a program
version SR2005.PRG or later and a GP940 or GP941 connected to SR940.
The NMEA signal is available at the rear 15 pin connector at pin 4 after NMEA output
is activated under "settings" of SR940. Signal return (GND)should be connected to
the minus of the 12 volt avionic battery. The ground connection at the 15 pin connector
must not be used.


What is the difference between SR940 old and SR940 new?

There are two hardware versions of SR940:

SR940 old: EPROM version
no airspace display, no airfield data base within SR940
last program version D/E/F/S 9726
PC cable: 9-25 with adapter 25-9, connected to 9 pin GPS connection.
PC software: DOS (does not run under WINDOWS)
(for waypoints and almanach the WINDOWS software WinZAN can be used)
The airfield data base of SR940 old was stored within the GP940.
As there is no PC program anymore to load the airfield data base into GP940,
the function "waypoint transfer from data base" is no longer available.
There is no NMEA output for a PDA.

SR940 new: FLASH ROM version 9900
with airspace display, with airfield data base, with program update by PC
first program version: SR9905.PRG (05.07.1999)
last program version: SR2008.PRG (15.05.2003)
PC cable: 9-15 connected to 15 pin connector at rear of SR940
PC software: WinZAN (for WINDOWS)
NMEA output available for PDA.

Upgrade from SR940 old to SR940 new is not possible anymore.
The old PC cable 9-25 is not available anymore.